This is the work of 3D Motion Graphic Designer & Creative Director Martin Ferdkin
I'm a 3D Motion Designer & Director with over 15 years of experience in TV Branding and Main Titles.

I’m passionate about developing concepts, designing style frames, and animating them up. 

love partnering and I regularly have amazing experiences with several companies like:
And design and animation studios like:
Currently, I'm the Creative Director of LUCIDO, a branding design and animation studio crafting title sequences for films and TV shows.


• 2023 PROMAXBDA ASIA SILVER: Alkass Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
• 2018 PROMAXBDA NORTH AMERICA GOLD: 2017 Nick Refresh
• 2017 THE MOTION AWARDS: Category: TV / Streaming > Network Branding: 2017 Nick Refresh
• 2015 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA SILVER: "Pan Am Toronto 2015" 
• 2015 BASSAWARDS BRONZE: "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on TyC Sports " 
• 2012 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA BRONZE: "TyC Sports Branding 2012 " 
• 2011 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA SILVER: "Cazadores de Sueños"
• 2011 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA SILVER: "Paso a Paso Telenovea" 
• 2010 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA GOLD: "Tribus" FIFA World Cup 2010" 


• 3rd International Motion Festival (IMF) Cyprus 2015, Nicosia: "The Football passion in Motion" + INFO
• Motion Fest 2010, U.P., Buenos Aires: "Lo que se juega en un partido gráfico" + INFO 


• IMF Cyprus 2015, Nicosia: "FORMA™ Manifiesta: Revolución" +INFO
• IMF Cyprus 2015, Nicosia: "The butterfly effect" BBC World Service +INFO
• "MIERCOLES sin acento", Caja Blanca, Buenos Aires: "One Motion Day"


Portfolio • DGCV
"Libero 2015 Opening" • BRIEF 
"TyC Sports Verano 2015" • BRIEF 
"2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on TyC Sports" • BRIEF 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" Review • CREATIVE BLOQ 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" • IDN 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" • BRIEF 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" • DGCV 
"Feliz 2014/Happy 2014" • IDN 
"Domingol 2013" • FROM UP NORTH 
"Domingol 2013" • BRIEF 
"Domingol 2013" • DGCV 
"Domingol 2013" • HARDCOREGRAPHIC 
"TyC Sports London 2012" • INSPIRATION CGRECORD 

I love Motion Graphics, Visual Identity and... yes, football.

I have more than 10 years in the Motion Design field working on Main Titles and TV Branding. 

I have a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and I added postgraduate degrees in Corporate Identity Management and Marketing and various workshops of 2D and 3D animation, postproduction, illustration and photography.  I have also participated in numerous university teaching activities related to design, visual identity and motion graphics at UBA and other schools.
From 2015 to 2018 I have been working as Creative Director for Superestudio ( which allowed me to to work directly for some of the world biggest TV networks like FOX, NATGEO, NICKELODEON,  DISCOVERY and SONY.

Previously I worked more than 7 years as Senior Motion Graphic Designer for TYC SPORTS channel (Argentina). Before than that I worked in different companies and studios, leading the design teams. 
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