I designed, animated and directed the complete Style Guide and On-Air Promo Packaging for Carrera Cartoon Network (CN Fun Run).

Concept: Running is a party

The Cartoon Network Fun Run is a highly anticipated annual event, packed with excitement.
A show in all its dimensions that literally becomes a party.
Our graphic approach represented diversity and the fun of running outdoors with the family.
Carrera Cartoon Network

Directed and Produced by Lucido.tv

Creative Director: Martín Ferdkin
Art Directors: Johanna Wilhelm and Martín Ferdkin
Designers: Marianela Márquez, Rocío Fernández Fuks, Julián Villagra and Martín Ferdkin
Illustrators: Rocío Cueto
Animator: Martín Ferdkin

Cartoon Network
WarnerMedia / Turner Broadcasting System

Creative Director: Beatriz Rodríguez
​​​​​​​Creative Manager: Leonardo López
Production Manager: Andrés Reid
Art Director: Fernando Asenjo
Creative writers: Isabela Pratto and Alejo Loitegui
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