Graphic Packaging for "Domingol" ( TyC Sports channel, Argentina), a TV show of sports information and analysis covering the matchday of Argentine football with journalists in all stadiums. The creative concept for the graphic identity is based on its main feature: Live analysis of what happens in the multiple scenarios.
"Domingol" is like a experimental physics laboratory which often causes unexpected results: Pressure, density, magnetism, heat, cold, boiling, actions and reactions in a table of positions in constantly mutation.

Chief of Promotions and CAE: Gonzalo Gómez Berard
CAE Supervisor: Javier Gori
Design and Creative Concept: Martín Ferdkin
Direction on set: Martín Ferdkin
First Assistant Director : Diego Peralta
Second Assistant Director: Javier Gori
Photography Direction: Facundo Echeguren
Art Direction: María Clara Ferdkin
Art Assitant Direction: Paula Píres
Props: Juan Guerrero
Cameraman: Bruno
TyC Sports Production: Diego Peralta
Production: Digital1
Edition: Javier Gori
Collaboration: Sandra Pelligró and Leandro Fernández
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